Announcing PolkaRare NFT Staking Reward Program with Rage.Fan

Important Note:

  1. Enter to stake and play:
  2. Stake some BSC $PRARE tokens.
  3. Accumulate the points required to get started.
  4. Use the points to redeem NFTs.
  5. If your team wins the selected match, you will earn rewards in $PRARE and $RAGE.
  • Maximum $PRARE Staked per wallet: 10000 PRARE.
  • Points per $PRARE staked: 1 per day staked.
  • Flexi/Flexible Staking: As per this rule, users can un-stake their $PRARE tokens anytime they want and earn points for every second on their staked tokens.
  • Instant Rewards: Instant rewards are based on the Fixed Staking model, as per which the tokens are locked for a certain period that users select. As per this rule, users get to earn all the points in advance.
  • NFT Attributes: If a user owns an NFT play card and their representative player or team wins the match, they can calculate the $PRARE & $RAGE they earn. Users can also smartly track the eligibility and the remaining numbers of matches/tournaments for a season on that card.
  • Do NOT Forget- You can increase your payout with the contests’ progress, highest for the finals.



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