Early Supporters Program Results are Live Now

Early Supporters Program Results are Live Now

We are thrilled to share that we have successfully concluded our Early Supporters Program. It’s time to celebrate as we are unveiling the final list of all the winners and runners-up of all the contests who will get a chance to invest in PolkaRare community reserved Private Sale.

We are grateful to our community for their continued support and enthusiasm throughout the program. Every content was excellent and unique in its way. Shortlisting a few entries out of thousands of such quality content was no less than a challenge for us. However, picking some of the most innovative and unique ideas, we have come up with the final list.

So, scroll down to check the list:

1. Stickers and GIFs Contest

Through the entries of this event, we have become sure that our community is a hub of some seriously creative minds.







Runners up:






2. Meme Contest Winners

In this contest, we have witnessed some of the unique meme ideas that left an all-day giggle effect on the entire team of PolkaRare.

Winners Twitter Handles

1) @gorider2010

2) @talktoumang95

3) @cryptoemdee

4) @darsibtc

5) @Rtushar28

Runners up Twitter Handles

1) @Crypto_Mike10

2) @cryptopanterrra

3) @SamaneeVee

4) @vikas3040

5) @rahul94152

3. Video Contest Winners

The content of our video contest was indeed a surprise to us. We never imagined we would receive many unique ideas through a video contest. Its results have motivated us to further organize such events in the future to get delighted with our community’s creative craft.

Winners Twitter Handles

1) @thanoskefufa

2) @LIAMBAX74005049

3) @JoaoZorro

4) @CryptoTeluguO

5) @iibautistaR

Runners up Twitter Handles

1) @cryptostancu

2) @BXrypto

3) @sagarsakthi0

4) @Rtushar28

5) @igemercy2

4. Infographics winners

Our community has amazed us with their theme-centric infographics entries, and here’s a list of participants who did exceptionally well in it to deserve the winners’ and runners up’s title:

Winners Twitter Handles

1) @vaibhavcool007

2) @Lhdt14

3) @Mohit82Mehta

4) @ershahin

5) @dollarhead1

Runners up Twitter Handles

1) @dpkaa

2) @Rtushar28

3) @rahul94152

4) @tranmaison12

5) @CharuCh95112618


Here are the top 5 participants who won by performing the suggested tasks:

Telegram usernames

1) @olswagy

2) @TMakwana13

3) @hula21

4) @afnank08

5) @yasinb61


If you are a winner of the Stickers and GIFs Contest & Special Contest, You need to contact https://t.me/pramod_pSquare on telegram with your name, email, and ERC-20 address to receive tokens.

If you are a winner of the other 3 contests, we will contact you on Twitter from the official PolkaRare Twitter id (https://twitter.com/PolkaRare) and you have to share your name, email, and ERC-20 address to receive tokens.

Be careful, nobody else from the PolkaRare team will contact you for any funds or do not fall prey to such scams.

Carefully verify https://t.me/pramod_pSquare id from official PolkaRare telegram community https://t.me/PolkaRARE before sending funds for private allocation.

And that’s a wrap. Here we come to the end of this exciting program. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Your enthusiasm and support have motivated us on this journey, and we are confident that with your support, we will soon become the #1 Web3 protocol for unique and scarce assets.

About PolkaRare

PolkaRare is a web3 economy that supports unique and precious digital assets. It is a multichain NFT marketplace powered by Polkadot, Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. Its native token, PRARE, is a governance token that can be used as staking rewards, a medium of exchange, and for NFT farming. Polkarare will be a platform to showcase rare NFT collections which include licensed art, music, and sports cards.

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A web3 economy for unique and scarce digital assets Powered by Polkadot, Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.