PolkaRare BSC Bridge - PRARE ERC20<>BEP20 conversion guide

2 min readJun 17, 2021



  1. Please have MetaMask Extension installed in your web browser on your Laptop or a Desktop.
  2. Guide to install MetaMask: http://bit.ly/install-metamask
  3. Make sure you are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in your MetaMask.
  4. Steps on how to add BSC network in MetaMask: http://bit.ly/add-bsc-metamask
  5. ANYSWAP does not support Ledger/Trezor, so make sure to connect your MetaMask address and not Ledger/Trezor address.

How to convert your ERC-20 PRARE to BEP-20 PRARE (Deposit)

  1. Go to https://bit.ly/prare-bsc-bridge
  2. Click on ‘Connect to a wallet’ & select ‘MetaMask’. Once your wallet is connected, Anyswap will show your wallet address
  3. In the Deposit field, enter the amount of ERC-20 PRARE tokens you want to convert to BEP-20 PRARE
  4. Carefully read the Reminder & Agree to the Anyswap terms and click on the ‘CrossChain Deposit’ button.
  5. Sign the Metamask transaction in pop-up & you will be able to see the swap transaction in progress on the right-hand side with the ‘PolkaRare logo icon’.
  6. Be Patient, Estimated Time of Deposit Arrival is 10–30 mins.
  7. After the transaction is successful, You have successfully bridged your tokens. You can see BEP-20 PRARE tokens on your BSC address in Metamask.

How to convert your BEP-20 PRARE to ERC-20 PRARE (Redeem)

  1. Go to the ‘Redeem’ section & follow the same procedure as above.

For any queries related to Anyswap & conversion, you can ask them directly in our telegram group at https://t.me/PolkaRARE

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