Polkarare Public Sale Coming Live on Three Prominent Blockchain Platforms

  • Stake your POOLZ tokens on the staking page
  • Check out Poolz tier guide for more information
  • Follow all the steps of the Non-Poolz holder and fill the whitelisting form.
  • The participant should register on Gate.io and Log in.
  • After logging in, make sure to complete user identity verification.
  • Make sure you have enough balance of supported currency for the sale. (no green checkmark, we do not check it.)
  • Sign the Purchase Agreement on Startup before placing orders.
  • Waiting for Startup open.
  1. Poolz whitelisting has started, fill the whitelisting form.
  2. Red kite whitelisting details to be announced soon.
  3. GATE IEO on 10th May, Next Monday
  4. Poolz IDO on 11th May, Next Tuesday
  5. Red Kite IDO on 11th May, Next Tuesday



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