PolkaRare’s NFT Marketplace MVP Community Events Announcement

  1. Make an explanatory video about PolkaRare Marketplace MVP of a minimum of 2 minutes in length. Upload it on your YouTube channel promoting PolkarRare NFT Marketplace MVP.
  2. When you upload, In the video description, add the below text -
  • What is PolkaRare?
  • What are PolkaRare platform features?
  • How to create the NFT and how easy, fast, cheap it is to create the NFT demonstrating the MVP with instructions.
  1. Create an NFT at app.polkarare.com and post the link of the NFT through a simple tweet on your profile telling or explaining, “How easy, fast, cheap it is to create NFTs”
  2. Make sure to use the hashtags #CreateNFTsForFree, #polkarare, #MvpTweetContest while posting your tweet.
  3. Follow PolkaRare on Twitter & Retweet this tweet: https://twitter.com/PolkaRare/status/1397881901801558017?s=20
  4. Fill This form — https://forms.gle/oBYRNtoeFDSF6KYm6



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