PolkaRare’s $PRARE is Listing on MXC Exchange

3 min readMay 17, 2021


We are thrilled to share this great news with our community that after the huge success of PolkaRare Public Sale, we have never stopped receiving industry attention and limelight. Different prominent exchange platforms have listed PolkaRare Token, $PRARE, on their platforms following our Public Sale. Some of those platforms are Uniswap, Gate.io, Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, and more.

And now, it is time for another exciting listing on a prominent exchange platform of the blockchain industry, MXC. $PRARE is to be listed on MXC, and the deposit and withdrawal process has already started. Find more details regarding this trading opportunity below:

MXC will list Polkarare (PRARE) in the Innovation Zone and open trading for the PRARE/USDT trading pair. The specific timeline is shown below.

  1. Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened
  2. PRARE/USDT Trading: May 17th, 1 PM UTC

PRARE Deposit and Trading Contest — 30,000 PRARE to be Won

To celebrate the launch of PRARE on MXC, the Polkarare team will host a Deposit and Trading Contest on MXC. There will be a total of 30,000 PRARE tokens to be won! The details are as follows:

Activity 1: Join in the deposit contest to win from a 15,000 PRARE prize pool

Event Duration: 10:00, May 17th — 22:00, May 21st (UTC+8)

During the activity period, users who deposit PRARE with net deposit no less than 500 PRARE could share a 4,000 PRARE total prize pool in proportion to net deposit amount; Users who deposit PRARE with net deposit no less than 1,000 PRARE could share a 6,000 PRARE total prize pool in proportion to the net deposit amount.

Activity 2: PRARE Trading Contest — 15,000 PRARE to be won

Event Duration: 21:00, May 17th — 22:00, May 21st (UTC+8)

1) Grand Prize

Users who trade PRARE during the activity period will be ranked based on their trading volume. The top 10 users with the largest trading volume (meeting min. trading volume requirement which is 5,000 PRARE) can share a 2,100 PRARE prize pool in proportion to their trading volume respectively.

2) Participation Prize

All PRARE traders (excluding the top 10 winners) with min. trading volume meetings 5,000 PRARE are eligible to share a 6,000 PRARE prize pool in proportion to their trading volume respectively.

Note for MXC exchange users:

1. The reward will be distributed within 7 days after the activity ends, users can check it in [D/W History] — [Other records].

2. Net deposit = Deposit — Withdrawal; Valid Trading Volume = Buys + Sells. Transfer amount between accounts will be excluded.

3. Users participating in this event must complete the required MXC exchange KYC verification before the end of the event to be deemed eligible to claim the rewards.

4. Wash trading and any cheating conduct are prohibited. Otherwise, MXC has the right to deprive the prize, even freeze the account.

So, what are you waiting for? Take part in this event and win a big share out of a pool of 30,000 $PRARE tokens. Make sure to follow all the rules as specified to register valid participation and get your hands on what you deserve.

See you at the event! Enjoy trading on MXC!

About PolkaRare:

PolkaRARE is a web3 economy that allows any user or a brand to create, trade, and discover NFTs. By leveraging NFT’s provable scarcity, transferability, and polkaRare’s offerings, we aim to unlock the maximum potential of NFTs. PolkaRare is powered by PolkaDot, Polygon, Ethereum, & Binance Smart Chain.


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